We create and manage successful lead generation advertising campaigns via Facebook.

Get new business enquiries every month.


We have generated thousands of new leads for our clients. Contact us today to grow your business.

How it works

Three steps. One amazing result.

Step 1

We run targeted ads from your Facebook Business Page perfectly designed to generate leads from potential customers.

Step 2

We capture the details of your potential customers & pass the information directly onto you.

Step 3

You contact the customer to convert them into a paying client & use the valuable contact details for future marketing.

We also offer Pay As You Go services. Learn more.

1. Research

In order to achieve the best results, we learn about your business, your current customers, your ideal customer and your goals. This allows us to create the most effective campaigns and ensure we achieve your marketing objectives.

2. Test

We create & test multiple variations of the ad campaigns to determine which combination of imagery, text & tone of voice works best for your business. Testing is done to establish the very best performing ads and to guarantee new leads for your business.

3. Launch

We launch the highly targeted campaigns which have been designed to increase brand awareness, generate new leads and boost sales. We implement the latest Facebook processes to ensure your business keeps ahead of the competition.

4. Monitor

Monitoring and reviewing campaign performance is vital to achieve maximum results. Everyday, we will look at your campaigns, check the data and make any changes required to ensure ongoing success and a return on your investment.

Services we offer

It’s more than just posting on Facebook…

Social Profiles

Campaign success starts with the correct set up of your Facebook page. We will make sure that your existing page is configured correctly, or if you’re starting fresh, then we’ll get everything set up for you.


SW12 Social will work with you to learn more about your business, your current customers, your ideal customer and your goals. This allows us to create the most effective campaigns and ensure we achieve your marketing objectives.

Campaign Creation

We implement the latest Facebook tools and create highly targeted advertising campaigns designed to increase brand awareness, generate new leads and boost sales to ensure your business keeps ahead of competitors.

Campaign Maintenance

Everyday, we will look over the data and results during the campaigns and make any changes required to ensure ongoing success.

Personal Coaching

Take advantage of our in-depth knowledge and learn all the tools you need to create and manage successful social marketing campaigns.

Strategy Development

SW12 Social will look at any existing social marketing strategy you have and make adjustments where required. If starting fresh, we’ll develop a plan to ensure success.

Private Facebook Groups

We create a private Facebook Group for each of our clients where we can share ideas, suggestions, content and reports with you and your team quickly and effectively.

Weekly Catch-Ups

The best results are achieved when we regularly engage with our clients. We will schedule a weekly call or Video chat to discuss the advertising campaigns to ensure continued success.

  • Rusty has made the ever changing social media space a genuine business benefit. His knowledge and advice to target the desired market was excellent and we are still seeing results from his good work.
    LJ Hooker Broadbeach
  • Rusty has provided vital insight into market trends, customer demographics, new markets, and outlining new opportunities which have developed into additional sales and new products. Having measurable results online means we are also able to see clearly what our return on investment is on every campaign.
    Sail Croatia
  • Rusty has taken the stress out of social marketing and provided us with solutions to ensure we are reaching our target market and finding new clients. I have found Rusty to have an excellent consulting ability, he is professional, knowledgeable, creative, and most importantly, he consistently delivers results.
    An Island Hideaway
  • “Rusty has been a leading member of our social marketing team over the past 4 years. During this period, the face of social media has changed a great deal particularly with Facebook advertising. Throughout this period, Rusty has been at the forefront of these changes and has adapted our marketing strategies to meet these changes and grow sales in various market segments.”
    Med Experience
  • Rusty has been an amazing resource in helping our business gain a larger online presence. He is in regular contact with us and keeps us updated on how our Facebook page and campaigns are working. We would have absolutely no hesitation in recommending Rusty to any other business – large or small.
    Discreet Pest Control

Why use us

We solely focus on Facebook marketing. And we’ve very good at it.

  1. We Keep Things Simple

    There’s nothing more frustrating than people over complicating things. We like to keep things simple and never confuse clients with unnecessary technical talk.

  2. Realistic Pricing

    At SW12 Social, our prices are realistic and set for an excellent return on investment for any business & industry. Contact us for pricing.

  3. We Think Outside The Box

    Social marketing is highly competitive and trends change quickly. We implement the latest Facebook tools to ensure your business keeps ahead of competitors.

SW12 Social was founded by Rusty Goodall in 2013 while he was working in London developing social marketing strategies for companies predominantly in the travel industry. Since then, Rusty has diversified into many different industries within Europe & Australia.

At SW12 Social, we solely focus on Facebook marketing with a passion for lead generation campaigns, which means we have developed a strong understanding of marketing on this platform to deliver results every month and ensure your business keeps ahead of competitors.

We love working with clients big and small to develop and implement effective social marketing strategies to improve their brand awareness and more importantly – to increase sales.

LJ Hooker Broadbeach

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The questions we get most often.

How long are your contracts?

We offer rolling-contracts and only request you provide a full months notice if you wish terminate. Or you can use our Pay As You Go services without a contract.

What happens to the leads?

As soon as new leads are received, we pass these onto you. If you have an email marketing system set up, we can have them sent to your preferred platform instantly & automatically.

What if we have a limited budget?

We understand that every business and marketing budgets are different, so we are happy to discuss a custom service for businesses of any size. Unfortunately, we cannot work with clients unable to spend more than £950 per month as we will not be able to deliver the best results.

Will the ads show from our brand?

Yes. We create ads through the Facebook ad platform on behalf of your business page. All ads will be shown from your business – not SW12 Social.

Who pays for the ads?

The option is yours. We work with many clients who pay the cost to advertise directly to Facebook, and others who we pay for the ads and add the costs onto their monthly invoice.

Do we actually need to advertise?

Absolutely! Today, everyone is on social media, which is exactly where you need to be in order to expand and reach the right audience. Effective social marketing enables businesses of all sizes and in all industries to target their audience, be it locally or internationally.

Let’s get you more business

Ready to take your business to the next level? Contact us today.

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